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What's in the box

Worldwide Shipping

Custom LED neon signs usually ship within 4-8 business days via DHL/DPD, taking 3-5 business days for delivery. Most orders arrive within two weeks.


Timelines may vary during holidays or extreme weather. For bulk or urgent orders, contact us for details.

How to order

1. Design your sign

Create your perfect neon sign! Use our simple tool to bring your ideas to life, or upload an image, logo, or sketch of your design

2. Get a Quote

Get instant quotes for simple text designs! For graphic-based neon signs, upload your file and we’ll send you a personalized quote.

3. Finalize Your Order

Happy with your quote? Secure your custom neon sign via our secure link. Your handcrafted piece will ship within a week

4. Enjoy Your Sign

Once shipped, your neon sign will arrive in one week. Need it sooner? Opt for expedited shipping at checkout!

Let’s Get Creative!

We specialize in creating remarkable LED neon signs


Adds style and sophistication to any space


Long-lasting, up to 50,000 hours


Perfect for your businesses or home decor.


Lower energy consumption, eco-friendly

Bring Your Vision to Life

Illuminate your space with our Custom LED Neon Signs, perfect for adding a vibrant touch to any environment. At, we specialize in creating bespoke neon signs with a variety of backings, including standard acrylic and exquisite Latvian oak. Our easy-to-use custom tool lets you visualize your design, view all the details, and get a precise price before placing your order.

Why You Should Buy a Custom LED Neon Sign

Adding a custom LED neon sign to your space not only enhances its visual appeal but also creates a unique and inviting atmosphere. These signs are perfect for both businesses and personal spaces, offering a modern and stylish way to display your brand or personal message. 


  • Neon Thickness – 8 mm (standard)
  • The Viewing Angle – 160 degrees
  • Power Distribution – Monochrome 8.5w/m (2.2w/ft) RGB 10w/m (3w/ft)”
  • Voltage – 12v UL listed power adapter
  • Neon Material – UV resistant silicone of the second generation
  • Longevity – 50,000+ hours
  • Control – Dimmable with RF control panel
  • Animation – 5 dynamic modes (fade, strobe, flash) with adjustable speed”
  • Available Colors – white 300K, white 600k, red, green, blue, light blue, yellow, lemon yellow, pink, purple, orange
  • Base Materials – Transparent acrylic (6mm), antique oak – dark (20mm), natural oak – light (20mm) 


How To install Custom LED Neon Sign

From concept to installation, we bring your neon sign idea to life.

Spacers mounting kit

Wall mounting kit

Kit includes:

a - 4x Screws
b - 4x Universal anchors
c - 4x Spacer bases
d - 4x Spacer screws
e - 4x Washers


Locate a suitable location for your sign and use a pencil to designate each hole.


Bore holes into all the designated spots. Then, take the anchors and gently tap them into the holes using a hammer.

#Step 3

Tighten the screws into the anchors to secure the spacers firmly in place and prevent them from moving.

#Step 4

Position the neon sign over the spacers and use your hand to tighten the spacer screws in place.

Ceiling mounting kit

Kit includes:

a - 6x Screws
b - 6x Universal anchors
c - 2x Silver wire 2 m


Locate a suitable location for your sign and mark each hole.


Bore holes, take the anchors and gently tap them into the holes

#Step 3

Secure the base of the silver wire using screws.

#Step 4

Mount the sign and verify its horizontal positioning

#Step 5

Secure the fixator screws using a screwdriver for safety.

wall hanging mounting kit

Kit includes:

a - 2x Screws
b - 2x Universal anchors
c - 2x Spacers
d - 2x Spacers
e - 2x Washers
f - 2x Silver wire 2 m


Locate a suitable location for your sign and mark each hole.


Bore holes, take the anchors and gently tap them into the holes

#Step 3

Secure the base in the specified area you need

#Step 4

Modify the wire length by repositioning the adjuster screws.

#Step 5

Mount your sign and secure it using a spacer. Enjoy!