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Send your concept

2. Your idea

Share your design dreams with us by filling out the form below, and let EU NEON bring your ideas to life. From custom fonts and drawings to artwork and logos.

Everything is possible

3. We Design

Within 12 hours, we will send the first mockup, a personalized offer, the price and order details to your email.

Handmade in Latvia

4. We make it

From start to finish, including production, assembly, testing, packaging and door-to-door delivery typically takes 14-20 days.

Color guide

Neon sign colours

We have selected 11 individual colours for your neon sign:

    • Purple, Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, Lemon yellow, Warm White, Cold White, Ice Blue, Blue, Green
Available colours
Fonts and cutting guide

Available fonts

At EU NEON, we offer a wide selection of 51 licensed individual fonts for you to choose from for your neon sign. The fonts and styles used in our pre-made designs cannot be altered. However, for our custom designs, we are able to produce any design you can think of, whether it be a logo, sketch, letters, or different typefaces, in any color or shape you desire.

To cater to all custom orders, we split them into two groups:

  • Text-based designs using the custom tools options available on our website.
  • Fully custom designs, where we will replicate your requested design and provide you with an offer including the price and details within a 48-hour period.

This way we can provide you with the best possible service and ensure you get exactly what you want, fast and efficiently.

Font list A


Font list B


Know that we can build practically anything you can imagine. If none of these fonts, however, satisfy your requirements and appeal to you, please contact our team by email at, and we will do all in our power to fulfill your needs and improve your design.

Neon Backing cutting guide

Either it's oak or acrylic, we offer you to choose from three different sign backing cutting options:

    • Rounded Sign
    • Shaped sign
    • Squared sign

Backing material and installation

Backing material

At EU NEON, we use only top-quality, Latvian-sourced raw materials for all of our neon sign backings. Expect premium grade oak, acrylic and silicone neon flex for a durable, energy-efficient and safe neon sign.


We offer three different backing materials:

    • Acrylic sheet (6mm) - A type of organic glass that gives an aesthetic, clean, transparent and modern design to your neon sign.
    • Natural oak (20mm) - A natural, light-textured oak base with a highlighted oak pattern gives it a modern warm look.
    • Antique oak (20mm) - Natural, dark textured oak wood base with an antique yet modern look.


There are 3 different mounting types you can choose from:

    • Screwable to the wall,
    • Suspended from the ceiling,
    • Can be hung on the wall

For more specific LED Neon sign installation guide look up here: HOW TO INSTALL NEON SIGN


Sizes and density

Sizes and density

We offer a selection of 6 sizes in the custom tool: 40cm/15.7’’(S), 60cm/23.6’’(M), 80cm/31.4’’(L), 100cm/39.3’’(XL),120cm/47.2’’(XXL)

For our pre-made designs we use 3 different sizes shown below:


More details about your custom neon sign

Quality over quantity

  1. At EU NEON, we specialize in bringing your ideas to life through custom neon signs. As a family-owned business, we bring together expertise in carpentry and technology to provide our clients with unique designs and an unparalleled experience.
  2. We believe in authenticity which is why we offer the option of using oak wood grown in Latvia as the base for your neon sign. This not only gives it a unique look and feel but also enhances its overall quality compared to traditional acrylic neon signs.
  3. We are committed to providing only the best quality by hand crafting each neon sign with long-lasting, durable A-grade LED neon strips, transformers and dimmers, mounted on a clear acrylic or Latvian oak backboard. This ensures that your neon sign will not only look great but will also stand the test of time and look like vintage glass neon sign.

Inside your package:

    • LED neon sign ready to use
    • Silver power Cord length: 2m
    • Certified 12-V transformer with 2m Cord
    • Predrilled oak or acrylic Backing
    • Wall or ceiling mounting kit
    • Dimmer and remote
    • Door-to-door delivery


No need to worry about purchasing an additional mounting kit, we've got you covered! Your LED Neon sign comes ready to be mounted, with the LED tubes mounted on a clear acrylic or oak backing which includes pre-drilled holes. We provide you with a kit that includes all the necessary hardware for wall or ceiling mounting, making the installation process a breeze. Simply connect your neon sign to a regular outlet and you're ready to turn on your new, custom neon light.

For more specific LED Neon sign installation guide look up here: HOW TO INSTALL NEON SIGN

Accessories and plugs

Everything comes in the price:

    • LED neon sign,
    • Wall or ceiling mounting kit,
    • 2m long silver cord, 
    • dimmer with remote,
    • 12-V transformer

Your LED neon sign is low voltage. This means you need a certified transformer to light your neon sign and we provide everything for your neon to be ready to shine. All you have to do is choose the power plug type.


EU NEON products include a 12 month warranty which covers electrical components when used appropriately. Resolution for faulty signs will be dependent on the source of the fault and will be determined between EU NEON and the purchaser. We do not accept any responsibly for signs damaged after receipt.



As we prefer quality and all of EU NEON led signs are handmade, there is reasonable production time on each order. Once you place your order and payment has been received you can receive your EU NEON led sign with 3 to 4 weeks

We ship worldwide and a door-to-door delivery is provided by DPD and DHL. A signature may be required upon delivery. Please note that all orders shipped out of the European Union may be subject to border/custom fees.

Free worldwide shipping: 2-4 weeks

What's in the box

Worldwide Shipping

Custom LED neon signs usually ship within 4-8 business days via DHL/DPD, taking 3-5 business days for delivery. Most orders arrive within two weeks.


Timelines may vary during holidays or extreme weather. For bulk or urgent orders, contact us for details.

How to order

1. Upload your idea

Craft your perfect neon sign! Fill out our form and upload an image of your design. For text-only signs, simply use our custom neon tool

2. Get a Quote

Submit the form and receive a quote and a mockup within 4-8 hours. For simple text, use custom neon tool to instantly view pricing and details

3. Finalize Your Order

Happy with your quote? Secure your custom neon sign via our secure link. Your handcrafted piece will ship within a week

4. Enjoy Your Sign

Once shipped, your neon sign will arrive in one week. Need it sooner? Opt for expedited shipping at checkout!

Let’s Get Creative!

We specialize in creating remarkable LED neon signs


Adds style and sophistication to any space


Long-lasting, up to 50,000 hours


Perfect for your businesses or home decor.


Lower energy consumption, eco-friendly

Make Your Vision a Reality

Create a unique and eye-catching LED neon sign by uploading your design, image, sketch, or logo. At, we specialize in transforming your vision into vibrant, personalized neon sign perfect for both business visibility and home decor. Our intuitive design tool ensures a seamless process from design to delivery.

Why You Should Buy a Personalized Neon Sign

Adding a personalized neon sign to your space not only enhances its visual appeal but also creates a unique and inviting atmosphere. These signs are perfect for both businesses and personal spaces, offering a modern and stylish way to display your brand or personal message.Transform your space with a custom LED neon sign that combines modern technology with timeless style. Perfect for anyone looking to enhance their business or living space ambiance.


  • Neon Thickness – 8 mm (standard)
  • The Viewing Angle – 160 degrees
  • Power Distribution – Monochrome 8.5w/m (2.2w/ft) RGB 10w/m (3w/ft)”
  • Voltage – 12v UL listed power adapter
  • Neon Material – UV resistant silicone of the second generation
  • Longevity – 50,000+ hours
  • Control – Dimmable with RF control panel
  • Animation – 5 dynamic modes (fade, strobe, flash) with adjustable speed”
  • Available Colors – white 300K, white 600k, red, green, blue, light blue, yellow, lemon yellow, pink, purple, orange
  • Base Materials – Transparent acrylic (6mm), antique oak – dark (20mm), natural oak – light (20mm) 


How To install Personalized LED Neon Sign

From concept to installation, we bring your neon sign idea to life.

Spacers mounting kit

Wall mounting kit

Kit includes:

a - 4x Screws
b - 4x Universal anchors
c - 4x Spacer bases
d - 4x Spacer screws
e - 4x Washers


Locate a suitable location for your sign and use a pencil to designate each hole.


Bore holes into all the designated spots. Then, take the anchors and gently tap them into the holes using a hammer.

#Step 3

Tighten the screws into the anchors to secure the spacers firmly in place and prevent them from moving.

#Step 4

Position the neon sign over the spacers and use your hand to tighten the spacer screws in place.

Ceiling mounting kit

Kit includes:

a - 6x Screws
b - 6x Universal anchors
c - 2x Silver wire 2 m


Locate a suitable location for your sign and mark each hole.


Bore holes, take the anchors and gently tap them into the holes

#Step 3

Secure the base of the silver wire using screws.

#Step 4

Mount the sign and verify its horizontal positioning

#Step 5

Secure the fixator screws using a screwdriver for safety.

wall hanging mounting kit

Kit includes:

a - 2x Screws
b - 2x Universal anchors
c - 2x Spacers
d - 2x Spacers
e - 2x Washers
f - 2x Silver wire 2 m


Locate a suitable location for your sign and mark each hole.


Bore holes, take the anchors and gently tap them into the holes

#Step 3

Secure the base in the specified area you need

#Step 4

Modify the wire length by repositioning the adjuster screws.

#Step 5

Mount your sign and secure it using a spacer. Enjoy!